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Characteristics of Borów Commune PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 01 February 2009 11:57


Borów Commune is situated in the south part of Lower Silesia province, in Strzelin county, 20 km away from Wrocław, its area is 98.66 km² which makes about 0.5 % of Lower Silesia province area.
You can get there by road No.395 from Wrocław. Attractive location, small distance from Wrocław and the closeness of road and railways result in the continual change of the region. In majority of bigger towns and cities housing construction is developing. The tendency to live outside the city is the chance for this commune.
Relatively good roads, convenient bus and railway connections as well as the offer of private carriers make the trip to Wrocław only 25 minutes long. In the village - Michałowice the presence of new investors is visible. Derejczyk brothers set up their company here. In the newly-built greenhouses they grow anturium which are sent into Poland and exported to Europe. It is the most popular investment profile - connected with agriculture which is environmentally friendly. Michałowice bouquets grace every commune event - this is an effect of cooperation and nice atmosphere.
In many towns family housing is developing.
Borek Strzeliński was chosen by International Deco Logistics Ltd company for running the business.
They deal with furniture and interior furnishing. The company profits from the concessions for investors provided by the Commune Council resolution, it modernizes and changes its base.
The other places where businesses develop are also worth seeing – recycling business in Ludów Śląski, sand plant in Rochowice, Roltrans company in Zielenice. Generally speaking it is a perfect area for living and investing.


Borów village is the seat of Commune Office. It is located in the center of the commune and it provides administration, commerce and service for other villages. The supportive centers are Zielenice and Borek Strzeliński villages. Boreczek and Ludów Śląski are also important. There are 25 villages in Borów Commune: Borów, Bartoszowa, Brzezica, Brzoza, Boreczek, Głownin, Kręczków, Kurczów, Kazimierzów, Mańczyce, Piotrków Borowski, Rochowice, Siemianów, Stogi, Suchowice, Opatowice, Ludów Śląski, Kępino, Zielenice, Borek Strzeliński, Jaksin, Kojęcin, Michałowice, Świnobród, Jelimage002enin.
Borów is the hottest region in the province, summer is the longest so it favors agriculture development.
Our chief asset is convenient location - close to Wrocław and close to A-4 motorway (about 10 km). The villages located in the northern outskirts of the commune are about 20 km away from Wrocław There are two main transportation routes running through Borów commune: the railway Wroclaw – Prague (in the Czech Republic)  with the station and the siding in Boreczek and provincial road No. 395 Wrocław - Strzelin - Ziębice - Paczków – till the country border.
This is an agricultural area, farmlands with very good soil constitute over 90% of the area. Mainly there is soil of I - III class - about 86%, class IV soil constitute 12% of the area and class V and VI soil - around 25%. Wheat soil constitute 95% of arable land, half of which is a very good soil, 35% good and 10% defective (sometimes dry). The commune has very good conditions for agriculture. High soil grading, invariable land and mild climate are the main values of commune production area. It provides strong basis for specialized agriculture, horticulture and fruit farming.
Basically wheat, barley, sugar beets, oil-seed rape, potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes are grown.
As a result of privatization enlargement of individual farms has been noticed recently.



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